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    Edit 11/2015 :)

Offroad competition:  filmed 5.6.2004 Turku scandinavian open 

Size: 697MB Duration 37min 


Formula Offroad competition: filmed 3.7.2004 Pälkäne nordic formula offroad cup

Size: 335MB Duration 20min

5 TMK Offroad competition: filmed 2.10.2004 Turku  

Size: 579MB Duration 37min 



Offroad:  filmed 29.1.2005 Häkävuoren Walloitus 

Size: 254MB Duration 16min

Offroad:  filmed 19.3.2005 Häkävuoren Walloitus II 

Size: 220MB Duration 14min

Fun like mad moose :  filmed 23.4.2005  

Size: 388MB Duration 25min

Heinola offroad for fun :  filmed 28.5.2005  

Size: 435MB Duration 28min

Raisio offroad :  filmed 18.6.2005  

Size: 634MB Duration 43min

Nordic Formula offroad cup Kangasala :  filmed 13-14.8.2005  

Size: 671MB Duration 54min

Scandinavian Open Off Road Trial CUP :  filmed 20.8.2005  

Size: 675MB Duration 44min

Fun like Mad Moose 2006 :  filmed 22.4.2006  

Size: 671MB Duration 57:20min

NORT trial :  filmed 17.6.2006  

Size: 292MB Duration 25min

Raisio Land Rover Off Road Trial Cup:  filmed 01.07.2006  

Size: 293MB Duration 25min

Eurotrial 2006:  filmed 29-30.07.2006  

Size: 600MB Duration 45min

Land Rover Skandinavian Open Turku  filmed 05.08.2006  

Size: 175MB Duration 13 min

FUN Like Mad Moose V Sipoo  filmed 19.5.2007  

Size: 514MB Duration 34 min

12 Raisio off-road trial   filmed 16.6.2007  

Size: 429MB Duration 33 min


IV Scandinavian open off-road   filmed 17.6.2007  

Size: 544MB Duration 41 min


Formula offroad   filmed 19.8.2007  

Size: 488MB Duration 37 min

Fun Like Mad Moose VI 2008 

Size: 420MB Duration 35 min

Formula offroad    filmed 16.8.2008  

Day 1 Size: 346MB Duration 31 min

Day 2 Size: 228MB Duration 20 min


Size 582MB Duration 41 min


Other free 4x4 videos

Lapland Trophy 2005, from tttreg

Size: 2 X 725MB Duration 100min


Formula offroad collection (excellent!!), from suursyömäri  

Size: 1.16G Duration 57min


TML Trophy +200 points offroad orienteering video, from suursyömäri  

Size: 576MB Duration 38min


Lost in Frost offroad orienteering video, from Jiipee  

Size: 564MB Duration 57min


Fun Like Mad Moose, from Jiipee  

Size: 463MB Duration 35min

Old VHS offroad videos

Harjun huumaa II    filmed 22.04.1995  

Size: 200MB Duration 17min

Talman taikaa VII    filmed 13.05.1995    

Size: 236MB Duration 20min

Nokia PUP Offroad     filmed 27.05.1995    

Size: 380MB Duration 32min

Nokia PUP Offroad  Joukkuekisa   filmed 27.05.1995    

Size: 303MB Duration 26min

Kullaa Offroad          filmed 19.08.1995    

Size: 236MB Duration 20min

Kuopio Offroad          filmed 9.09.1995    

Size: 371MB Duration 31min

Senkkerin Möngerrys 
   filmed 26.07.1997    

Size: 691MB Duration 59min

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